Photo Guide

Photo Guide

A high-quality photo can make sure a perfect artwork, you’re responsible to upload the high-quality pet photos for us, in this way, we can custom the high-quality artwork. This guide will explain exactly what you need to find or take the perfect pet photo.

Suggest: We recommend you upload 3 photos for each pet, in order to get the best portrait. Preferablya rontal photo, a 45-degree left face photo, and a 45-degree right face photo.

How to Take the Perfect Pet Photo?

Keep photos sharp and not blurry
Keep photos sharp and not blurry
    • Keep your pet still, use treats to bribe your pet is a good idea.
    • Don’t shake your hands when taking picture.
    • A close-up photo is best, as it will appear blurry if you are too far away.
    • Screenshots are not recommended as they can easily appear unclear.

 What will work


 What won’t work

Good Examples