The Best Custom Pet Portrait Company in 2022

The Best Custom Pet Portrait Company in US

All animal lovers know that our pets are an integral member of our family. They deserve to have their pictures on the wall as much as the rest of us. There are thousands of sellers out there offering to create a portrait of your furry friend. In memory of a deceased companion or a delightful gift for your animal enthusiast friend, choosing the right company is a crucial decision.

Choosing the best company to create a portrait of your furry friend shouldn’t be a hassle. I mapped out all the criteria to look for, including customer reviews, accuracy/vehicle, transit time, customer engagement, and price.

How to choose a company to take pet portraits on demand

Customer Feedback

Customer reviews are a subjective yet useful tool to help you find the perfect custom pet portrait to represent your furry member.

A positive review pattern is a good sign that the seller is authentic and trustworthy. Reviews are especially important if you buy from a seller on Etsy or another online marketplace.

You shouldn’t let a few negative reviews stop you from choosing a seller. There are many other criteria to consider. However, a 4 or 5 star rating can be a safe bet.

Look for reviews with pictures of their finished product. Is this something you would be happy to receive? If not, you may want to remove this seller from your list of potential customers and keep looking.


I group these two aspects because the accuracy of a portrait often depends on what the artist used to create it. Accuracy is arguably the most important criterion for buying portraits.

There are several different mediums in art. A few popular techniques are oil paint, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, charcoal, and pencil. Some artists digitally print their works and others carve portraits into stone.

The medium in which you want to create your portrait is one of the most important criteria. Would you like to engrave your pet portrait on stone or on a bright canvas screen? Do you want a realistic picture or a fun cartoon version of your companion?

I have ranked this based on other sellers in their catalog.

Delivery time

Shipping time correlates with the artistic medium and the level of personalization with your product. High-quality, custom projects will take longer than generic items you order online. However, some creators are faster than others in their catalog, and you may want to pick artists faster if you get stuck. Choosing faster shipping times doesn’t always mean you’re sacrificing quality.

I have ranked this based on other sellers in their catalog. The higher the rank, the faster the turnaround and shipping.

Customer care

How involved would you like to be in the creation of your product? Do you want to update step by step or leave the whole process up to the artist to decide?

I do not measure this criterion numerically, customer engagement is subjective. Some buyers want to be involved in the process while others want to leave it all to the artist.

Price of pet portrait canvas

Custom work can be expensive. However, some artists offer mediums that are a bit more budget-friendly than their competitors.

As for the price rating, the higher the rating, the more budget-friendly the job is.

The best custom pet portrait company:

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