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Why choose us to order a custom portrait of your pet as a gift or keep?

People often say pet portraits are a delightful gift for pet lovers. Especially when the festive season is approaching, this will surely be one of the most meaningful gifts they receive. But why is that? Do you know how to choose custom pet portraits or where to buy royal pet portraits for the best gift? Let’s learn about those things with Pawups in this article!

1. What are pet portraits?

Actually, not everyone knows pet portraits well. So first, we will learn about this gift of pet portraits. Custom pet portraits are a form of portraits for your pet. This type of portrait doesn’t have to be photographed, but it can also be combined in various forms, such as drawing or coloring.

Sample image of pet portraits in
It is excellent with pet lovers when having a royal pet portrait

With the creativity of photographers or artists, pet portraits will become more vivid and interesting. They will document the characteristics, personality, and habits of the pet in the most personal and unique ways. Therefore, the owners of these pets will definitely be very happy to receive these memorial paintings.

2. 3 reasons why customized pet portraits are the perfect gifts

So why are pet portraits worthy of a meaningful gift for pet enthusiasts? Actually, not everyone can come up with this idea. Surely the gift giver must be very observant to be able to think of this renaissance pet portraits gift. They know that the gift doesn’t have to be for the recipient. Instead of choosing a more special gift to show that they know you too, they know what you like. There are also many other reasons for Pawups to reveal below.

2.1. Treasured gifts

Pet portraits are truly a gift well worth your consideration. As mentioned above, only some people are observant enough to think of a gift like this. As soon as you visit a store or shopping mall, you will come across countless gift suggestions for your loved one.

A gift doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap or how much it is worth, but what matters is your heart. Choosing a pet portrait also takes a long time, so the recipient will quickly understand your heart when receiving this gift.

2.2. The symbolism of your love for their pet

Not everyone understands the owner’s affection for their pet, and some even find it annoying. So it would be great if they knew that you love their pet the same way you love them. You can give these pet portraits at Christmas, on birthdays, or whenever you want.

These gifts will demonstrate that you love your pet and don’t feel uncomfortable with the hobby. What if your crush has a dog? Who knows, with this small dog portrait gift, the relationship between you and that person will improve. If so, it is thanks to these pets and custom dog portraits that you have a lover.

2.3. Pets are family

For pet lovers, their love for pets is immense. That love is no different from family members, friends, or more. Some people choose to live alone with their pets instead of getting married or finding a life partner. There are many reasons why they choose to do so. Maybe they know that they will never leave, always accompany and never betray us.

It would be bad if one day, they are no longer with them, and they realize they don’t have a commemorative photo with their pet. So, a funny pet portrait will cheer them up. They will feel the pet’s presence right next to them. This gift is like your silent care for the people you love.

2.4. A musing addition

Surely you also love to capture memorable moments of the people you love. Then so is the owner of the pets. They always want to capture every moment, action, and habit of these lovely animals. To them, all their actions are extremely adorable.

Besides, these pet portraits are also a combination of the creativity and talents of photographers or artists. Therefore, an ordinary dog can also be enchanted to become more aristocratic, classy or sexy, and lovely,… A royal pet portrait will bring a new level to pets. They are not only a decoration but also a new subject for interesting stories.

3. 3 styles personalized pet portraits for giving

Pet portraits have many different styles for you to choose from as a gift. Each style has its own characteristics. Therefore, you can refer to some of the comments below of Pawups or the gift recipient to choose the most suitable pet portraits.

1. Digital Pet Portraits

First, learn about the digital pet portrait style. This is a modern painting style that is very “hot” in recent times, suitable for everyone. Especially for young people who like to be creative, digital painting is a way for you to show your talent. You can create any personalized pet portrait in many different styles and colors from just an original photo and a few digital devices. Moreover, digital pet portrait paintings also have many advantages worth choosing as a gift.

digital dog portrait
You can freely create custom dog portraits

First of all, with technologies and digital devices, you can easily change the color of the images and textures in the original photo. Moreover, with an extremely rich number of colors, you will be fine with having enough color for your drawing. In addition, with the features available on these tools, you can easily add or remove redundant details or even increase or decrease the brightness, shape, and size of these images.

If the recipient likes the cuteness, you can add stickers to your pet portraits. Or if you like the aristocratic style, you can be more creative and pair them with royal outfits. Or you can also create drawings with different themes, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and summer,… There are many ways you can create interesting custom pet portraits to give as gifts to everyone.

A special feature that digital pet portraits bring to you is convenience. You can make many different copies without worrying about losing the original. With just one device with an internet connection, you can share them with many people, ask for opinions on those paintings in seconds, and then continue to edit them to make them better. With the above advantages, I will also create a digital pet portrait to give to my friends after this article. It’s really entertaining!

2. Colorful Pet Portraits

Colorful Pet Portraits are also an excellent suggestion for a gift for pet lovers. This type of pet portrait uses many dark tones with abstract patterns and textures. Therefore, if the recipient is a person who likes silence and silence, you can give them a pet portrait with style like this.

A colorful dog portrait is an excellent gift for pet lovers
A colorful dog portrait is an excellent gift for pet lovers

But you also do not need to worry too much about whether these custom pet portraits will bring gloom when hanging them in the house. On the contrary, it will bring a mystery and charm if you try to look at these custom pet portraits for a long time. So don’t be shy if you like and want to give your loved one a picture in this style.

3. Watercolor Pet Portraits

If you are not satisfied with the suggestions above, you can also choose another type of painting as a gift – Watercolor Pet Portraits. With watercolor dog portraits, artists can be creative with many different styles. The color is mixed with water, creating different colors, both a little real and a bit fanciful.

Watercolor custom dog portraits have a light-tone color
Watercolor custom dog portraits have a light-tone color

Watercolor Pet Portraits are not limited in style. So you can choose a pet portrait on canvas with a light tone or choose a picture with a darker tone. But with any color tone, viewers can feel the simplicity but not boring in the net drawn on the page. If you look at them for a long time, you will surely be fascinated by these pet portraits.

4. The Best Places to Order Custom Pet Portraits

Currently, many stores and e-commerce sites offer custom pet portraits, so you can choose to buy them anywhere and anytime. But if you are still wondering about choosing a reputable address to buy this gift, why don’t you visit Pawups?

Let’s choose Pawups to have a royal dog portrait
Let’s choose Pawups to have a royal dog portrait

Pawups is an e-commerce site that also offers custom printed products. At Pawups, we prioritize bringing customers the most unique and quality products, and at the same time ensure that you will experience the best services.

Products categories:

In order to obtain such quality products, we always prioritize choosing reputable suppliers with guaranteed raw materials. Moreover, our designers are also highly qualified people, thus ensuring beautiful products. In addition, each of our products has its own meaning and spreads humanistic messages to everyone.

When using services at Pawups, you can be assured of the store’s prices and other policies. Your orders will be quickly processed by us and sent to your address. In case your orders are defective due to problems related to the quality and color of the product, we will be responsible for refunding or returning it to you. So you can rest assured that you will receive the best product.

As a business with many years of operation, we are confident to satisfy you with top products and services. If you have any questions about the above issues, you can contact us by phone or email. We will respond to your message during business hours from 8:00 – 17:00 from Monday to Friday.


Above are Pawups’ suggestions for pet portraits gifts for pet lovers. You do not worry too much that the gift you choose will not be liked, the most important is your heart. With these suggestions and information about pet portraits, you will have a new idea to choose as a gift.

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