Top tips to photograph your pet for a portrait

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Pet photography is a fun way to keep an image of your pet forever close, but it also provides the basis of your pet portrait from Created by Pawups.

We know how tricky it can be to get your pet photo right, so here are a few top tips from the pet portrait experts!

Avoid Flash

There are lots of reasons why we suggest you avoid the use of flash in your pet portrait. Most importantly, flash can upset small animals and make them edgy or upset. This is not only bad for the photo, but distressing for your pet.

Flash also has a negative impact on the end photograph by giving an overly harsh appearance, so when organizing your custom dog portrait, be sure to focus on ways to maximize the use of lighting and steer clear of anything which will cause red eye or wash out the colors of your pet and your chosen backdrop.

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Photograph Outside

Outdoor photography is one of the best ways to make sure you capture the rich colors of your pet accurately. This an important factor to consider when seeking a subsequent dog illustration, as your artist will use your photo as inspiration and a guide for accuracy.

When photographing outdoors, there are a few essentials to adhere to for the best results. Be aware of sun glare, and simultaneously avoid photographing too late in the day (as this could trigger an automatic flash or obscure the true appearance of your pet).

We recommend lining up a few key ‘props’ alongside your photo, such as a favorite toy or bed, as this also helps to capture the true personality and appearance of your pet.

Give Treats

Like kids, pets don’t always want to ‘play ball’ when it comes time to pose for their photo. It helps to have a few handy incentives close by, ensuring you can tempt your reticent pet into posing. Whether photographing for pet portraits or a digital pet painting, you want them to feel relaxed. Treats are a wonderful incentive to help you create a great photo.

View it as a collaborative effort alongside your pet. If they have a favorite treat, make sure you have plenty handy for the day of your photograph. This is a great way to ensure a fantastic dog portrait, and treats can even be used as an incentive to perfect those puppy dog eyes which will translate into a stunning custom dog portrait.

Time Your Photo

Timing your photograph correctly will ensure you catch your pet when they feel most relaxed and happy, ultimately resulting in a more natural-looking portrait which reflects their personality.

We recommend arranging your photo for times such as after dinner, or after a walk. Maybe you could photograph your pet before bed when they are calm and ready for their close-up?

To achieve the best results, get as close to your subject as you can, and try to get to their level rather than photographing from a more remote angle. This will ensure the right balance between drama and nature which ultimately makes for a much better photograph of your beloved pet.

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